Friday, March 26, 2004

Where Have All the Bloggers Gone?
There were only 23 Blogger Idol entries this week. Where did everyone go?

It's been a pretty smooth curve down from 84 entries the first week, so I don't think the ten week decline is due to an unpopular topic or the basketball games.

Maybe it's because of the extra time and thought that need to go into a themed entry.

Usually I see the topic for the first time on Sunday, let it ferment in my subconscious for a day or two, and end up posting my entry mid-week.

After ten weeks, Blogger Idol has become part of my weekly routine. I enjoy it. I enjoy writing my entry and I enjoy reading the other entries. I'll miss Blogger Idol if it goes away from lack of interest.

Does Anyone At My Bank Understand Interest?
This week I started shopping for a place to park my severance money until needed. What an eyeopener.

My bank is offering a high interest rate money market account which is almost too good to be true in today's low interest rate climate. Thanks to DH Bob reminding me that it is important to know how and how often the interest is calculated and applied, I confidently started asking questions that I assumed any bank employee could answer.

Instead of getting the answer, I learned several puzzling things.

You can not call the bank and talk to anyone who knows how the interest rate is applied. The people who answer the phone are barely capable of understanding the question.

The people who might be able to answer the question (according to the people who answer the phone) are too busy to come to the phone. They also don't have time to call back later.

Bank websites do not answer this question.

Is it possible that a computer calculates the interest and no human being knows how the program works?

Will I Enjoy My First Time?
Next Tuesday I am going to my first "senior" event. It's a brown bag lunch and short hike at the Kalamazoo Nature Center.

The first time I saw the event in the Nature Center flyer, it didn't register that I might be old enough to attend.

Even after I considered attending, I felt the need to call and ask them if I was old enough to be a senior. I was. By four years. Yikes!