Saturday, March 27, 2004

Househunting Bluebirds

Bluebird couple sitting on the far house
Last weekend Granddaughter Kimmy and I went shopping at Wild Birds Unlimited. We replaced the four old, falling apart nest boxes on the back three acres with new everything.

We installed wonderful new poles that screwed into the ground, new baffles to keep out the raccoons, snakes, and other egg-eating wildlife, and new nest boxes.

The nest box on the left has a slot at the top instead of the traditional hole. The theory is that the bluebirds will still use the nest box with the slot and the English sparrows will not go in it.

We've had a few incidents where the English sparrows have invaded a nest box while the bluebirds were nesting. It resulted in a horrible deheading of the bluebird. I've learned this is a common problem, so I'm willing to give the new slotted nest boxes a try.

Shot this picture as I took the dogs out for their early morning walk today. Sorry it's not more clear. Male and female bluebird are sitting on top of the far nest box.

As they flew off to the nearest tree I explained to them that they would be safer in the other, slotted nest box. Hope they understood.