Thursday, March 11, 2004

Stop the Creeping Pounds
This week's Blogger Idol post has me thinking about my weight. I think it's creeping up. Not much, just a little, maybe a pound or two, and it's scary. My body wants to be fat and it's fighting back.

I noticed that I was sticking a few extra grapes in my mouth in the morning, an extra snack in the afternoon, a few extra crackers in my mouth at night. It was still the "good" food - not many extra calories - but those little things add up.

One of the big secrets of weight control is portion control. I've gone back to using the measuring cup.

Another big secret of weight control is writing down what I eat. I've got a little piece of paper in my jeans pocket to jot down my intake. Nothing fancy, just a quick notation and tally of points. (I was trained to lose weight in Weight Watchers, so I use points instead of calories.)

It's become obvious to me that in order to maintain, I need to stay aware of everything that goes into my mouth. I will continue with the food log.

I'm going to try an experiment. Each week I will write about some of the food I enjoy eating.

This will help me stay focused on my weight. It will be much more fun than a Weight Watcher's meeting and certainly much cheaper.

Maybe I'll even learn about some new things to eat as my readers make comments. That would be perfect.