Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Wearin' of the Green

Picture of Mom dressed for St Paddys Day and cataract surgery
This is my mom all decked out for cataract surgery at the top o'the morning on St. Paddy's Day. (Mom calls herself Monette in the comments.)

Last month she had the left eye done. When I saw how funny she looked in her pretty green hat and a "YES" on her forehead, I knew I'd be bringing the camera for the second eye in March.

The shamrock necklace was her idea. Doesn't it go well with the hospital gown?

That writing over her right eye is a little note from the nurse to the surgeon to let him know which eye is having the surgery.

The luck of the Irish was with us - even though we are Swiss. The cataract removal and the lenses implant went very well. Mom now has better vision than a twenty year old. What a blessing.

The surgery takes about ten minutes. The results are immediate, although the eye has to be babied for a few days while it heals.

Cataract surgery patients get sent home within a half hour after the surgery. At that point they are still a little groggy and forgetful from the drugs, so I'm mom-sitting until she can answer all questions to my satisfaction. It's been a very good day.

Did you do anything green today?