Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Blogger Idol, Week 8
Blogger Idol is the brainchild of Darren at LivingRoom.

Each Sunday (Australian time) Darren announces a theme for the week. We have three days to work that theme into a blog post. We post the entry in our own blog and leave a link in Darren's blog so we can read what each other wrote.

If you want to read the other entries, the links are here. blogger_idol-1.gif

I will read as many of the entries as possible. Later in the week I will list five entries of note.

This weeks theme is 'I confess'.

I Lost It
I confess to feeling very smug about losing 34 pounds.

I confess that I can easily become obnoxious talking about eating properly, improving my health, and feeling soooo much better.

I confess that I'm going to be publicly obnoxious now and write about how my life has changed for the better since I lost weight.
My weight was 168 pounds.
Now I weigh 134.

My blood pressure was high enough to require two meds.
Now I'm off all blood pressure meds.

My doctor was insisting I needed to go on a statin for my high cholesterol.
Now my cholesterol is down without drugs.

My joints were stiff and sore with arthritis. Sometimes I couldn't walk in the morning until I limbered up.
Now I'm spry and painfree. I feel ten years younger than I did a year ago.

My jeans were size 16.
Now I wear size 10. People notice. Both sexes.

My stomach frequently hurt.
Now it doesn't bother me.

My age was 58 and I was dreading my senior years.
Now I'm 59 and looking forward to the rest of my life.

I confess that I'm still two pounds shy of my weight goal.

I confess that I'm very concerned about maintaining the weight loss.

I confess that I'm not exercising.

I know that there are people who could easily get obnoxious with me about the benefits of exercise. They are right.

I confess I just don't want to listen about exercise right now.

Can you resist leaving me a message about the benefits of exercise?