Saturday, March 13, 2004

Saturday Sum Up
The fascinating Saturday feature where I respond to comments from recent Seasons of Violet posts, and then pose a question of my own.

Comment from KeLee -
Right now I am eating low carb and it is working for me. It's amazing how different our bodies are.

I temporarily forgot that the current trend is the low carb diet and that some dieters don't want to hear about ice cream sandwiches.

In Weight Watchers they poo-poo low carb diets by saying people can't stay on them for life because people don't really eat that way.

I disagree with Weight Watchers. In order to lose weight a person needs to change their eating habits to whatever works for them. As KeLee points out, we're all different.

In order to keep the weight off a person needs to retain the changed eating habits.

For most of us, maintenance is not easy no matter what type of dietary changes we've made. A Weight Watcher diet isn't any easier to maintain than a low carb diet.

My "mature" body seems to like the fiber found in the carbs and low fat meals, so that's what I'll continue.

Are you dieting? Do you count carbs, calories, or something else?

Comment from Carrie -
I think all the names: Marsha, Kelee, Marguerite, Violet etc. are lovely.

I think Carrie is a lovely name, also.

Carrie is my little little sister and is named after our paternal Grandmother. Grandmother Carrie raised eight children on a farm in Minnesota during the early 1900's. She was the best cook in the world - on a cast iron wood stove. She worked so hard that she remained thin as a rail her whole life. (Oops. I seem to be going back to the diet thread. Sorry.)

Speaking of names again, I enjoyed changing Seasons of Violet to refer to myself in the first person and call myself by my actual name. It feels right. And so far no one has spelled Marguerite with a Q.

How was your name selected?

Question from What's On . . . Right Now? -
What's On 'the back seat of your car' Right Now?

Picture of dogs in the back seat
My back seat has two Lookout car seats, one for each little dog. This is a wonderful invention for keeping smaller dogs safe and secure and out from under the driver's feet.

The seats have a washable fleece lining and are very cozy. Sometimes the dogs curl up in them and go to sleep. When they're not sleeping, they're up high enough so they can look out the window.

The Lookout seat is secured to the car with the car seatbelt. There's a short tether that goes between the seatbelt and the dog. I don't like the thought of making a quick stop and having a dog's neck jerked, so my dogs wear a car harness around their chest with a D ring in middle of their back.

Both dogs know that when I pull out the harnesses there is going to be a car ride. They get extremely excited. Princess Sunny (front in picture) wiggles and squirms with excitement until I can hardly get the harness on her. The much more dignified Prince Pappy (back in picture) stands still and trills with excitement.

Both dogs ride in the back seat so we don't have squabbling about whose turn it is to ride in the front. (Actually it's because I have an airbag on the passenger side and they're much safer in the back.)

Do you think my dogs are spoiled?

Any other questions? Leave your questions and/or answers in the comments.