Thursday, March 18, 2004

Top 5 Blogger Idol Posts for Week 9
Here are five entries that spoke to me. A different five may speak to you.

A complete list of entries is here: blogger_idol-1.gif

  • Tim Samoff. I Wish I Cared.
    Yes! Yes! Yes! How I feel about celebrities expressed in poetry.

  • Where the Hell Was I. Please... Haven't We Suffered Enough?
    This is a little too true to be completely funny.
    No, I changed my mind. It is completely funny!

  • Random Ramblings of Ryan. Dear Chevy.
    Interesting choice for a celebrity. I could identify with his feelings only my letter would start "Dear Tercel".

  • American Diatribe. To God, from an agnostic.
    Be sure and read the comments. They're as interesting as the post.

  • Cliff Between the Lines. Eternal Nightcap.
    This is so heartbreaking I almost didn't pick it. But it's good, so here it is.

Which one is your favorite?