Sunday, February 22, 2004

Where Are the Memes?
I was planning to spend the afternoon answering a five question meme called Sunday Brunch while letting the new Blogger Idol topic incubate in my subconscious.

Neither plan is working out.

It appears from past posts that Jeanne who puts out the Sunday Brunch questions is normally reliable about posting on Sunday morning, but she hasn't posted yet today.

Darren of LivingRoom, the Blogger Idol mastermind, has never been late before. He seems to be a very reliable sort of person so I'm concerned that something may have happened to him. Hope it was something good.

Picture of partially done CIC shawl
I could think of a challenging topic and write a dazzling post without using a meme, but instead I've been knitting on the shawl for CIC caregivers.

The caregivers wear the shawls as a top layer of warmth in the poorly heated orphanages where they work.

This is the Candle Flame pattern knit in worsted weight Peace Fleece. The color is Georgia Rose, named after the wild roses that grow high in the mountain valleys of Soviet Georgia.

The shawl is almost a third done. It is going to take 16 ounces of Peace Fleece. That equates to 800 yards.

When finished, it will measure approximately six feet across the top. The Eastern Europeans wear them draped around the shoulders, the ends crossed around thier middles and tied in the back at their waist.