Thursday, February 19, 2004

What Computer Desk?
What's On...Right Now? is a quick and easy one question meme to do on Wednesdays. Some previous week questions: "What's On ...your 'MUST DO before the end of the week'... list Right Now?", "What's On ...your mousepad... Right Now? (the design on it)".

This weeks question is "What's On ...your computer desk... Right Now?"

Picture of me sitting on the loveseat with my laptop and Sunny
My laptop and I sit together on the loveseat. How appropriate, because I love my laptop and I love it that the little dogs can hop up, one on either side of me, and snuggle in while I'm working.

So, for the purpose of answering this meme, I will call the loveseat my "computer desk".

My computer desk is covered with a flannel sheet to protect it from canine hair and muddy paws. The sheet gets washed often. When company comes, off it comes.

The little blue book on my left is my calendar where I keep track of my life. It contains all my appointments, passwords, lists, and serves as my Flylady control journal.

The pile of paper on the back of the loveseat is my severance papers. I need to get them all organized and figure out what benefits I have coming and what I'm going to do with them. I've been procrastinating this task, but not much longer. It's staged on the back of the loveseat now, tapping on my shoulder for attention.

The html book on the left loveseat arm was a birthday present from a good friend. I keep it handy and use it often.

Sunny, the little dog, is pouting because she wanted to write the Seasons of Violet post again today and I told her, "No!". If she wants to write more than one blog post a week, she can start her own blog.

She's also pouting because I won't let her email Scooby-do, the Poodle who left her a comment on her Blogger Idol entry.

My mousepad has a picture of a woodduck, and that thing behind my head is a Kleenex box.

I'm sorry that Pappy isn't in this picture. He likes to sit up on the back of the loveseat and snuggle in my neck. He's getting a little jealous that Sunny is getting all the blog attention. I plan to remedy that soon.