Monday, February 23, 2004

Several of the bloggers who do Blogger Idol also do a meme called Sunday Brunch. The questions look like fun, so I'm going to give it a try.

A sick Sunday Brunch computer delayed this week's questions, so here they are on Monday.

These answers are going to show my age. That doesn't bother me. Here goes. . .

Sunday Brunch, The Concert Circuit
1. How far would you or have you traveled to see a concert?

For myself, probably not more than 30 miles. If someone I love wanted to see a concert, I might travel just about anywhere.

2. What is the best concert you've seen?
In the seventies DH Bob and I went to see Johnny Cash and June Carter. I can still shut my eyes and hear Johnny making the Orange Blossom Special come alive on his harmonica.

This was back in the days when a person could attend a concert without going deaf. There were no special effects and no lip syncing. Just plain good music performed with excellence by two very talented, humble people.

3. What is the worst concert you've seen?
In the late sixties, Merle Haggard and Bonnie Owens. Merle is a short little guy and whenever Bonnie was on the stage with him, she took off her shoes - on stage. She was a much better musician than Merle, but he dominated the show and didn't let her do much.

The second half of this show was Glenn Campbell. He was excellent. So sad that he had/has so many personal problems he never reached his true potential. He's still alive. It could happen yet.

4. Have you met a performer after a concert?
No. As a certified introvert, I'm happy with this answer.

5. What singer would you like to meet most?
Tennessee Ernie Ford. I think Tennessee Ernie Ford sings hymns like God Himself might sound. I'd like to thank him for the pleasure of listening to his recordings and I'd like to know if he really had the faith or if he just sang that way.

Since the Peapicker died in 1991, I guess our meeting will have to wait until the next life.

What's the best or worst concert you've ever attended?