Sunday, February 15, 2004

Looking For a Good Read?
These blog selections are for when you have time to sit back, sip a drink, and read for a while. Enjoy.

Cliff Between the Lines has become one of my favorite blogs.

Cliff writes in an easy to read, intelligent style with a subtle sense of humor.

I could point you to any of his posts for a good read, but I've selected his travel log of Ecuador for your entertainment.

I know, I know. Travel log sounds boring. It's not. Give it a try.

Exotic in Thin Air (Part One)

"I think it was right about this point that I realized we had lost our English-Spanish phrase book. It began to dawn on us that we were in a Spanish speaking country, and had no idea how to speak to anyone at all.

This was not good. Not at all.

So, we went into a book store, looking for a phrase book. Guess what, if you are already in the other country, you can't get a phrase book! What you can get is one of their phrase books."

Exotic in Thin Air (Part 2, Taxis)
Exotic in Thin Air (Part 3, The Pan American)

Looks like there are more installments to be posted. I can hardly wait!

Do you love well written stories of God working in someone's life while they are unaware of what is happening?

Matthias at Correction writes of encounters he had with a mysterious tree, fear, dread, pain, death, ecstasy, and God. Very long but never boring. He calls it The Showerhead Conversion.
"The skeptic in me wants to say that over a lifetime everyone is bound to have experienced some event that they can't categorize, something that seems miraculous but simply is not. Wants to say that given enough time, the improbable becomes the inevitable."

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