Sunday, February 29, 2004

Say Cheese!
Questions from Sunday Brunch.

1. What type(s) of camera do you have?

Digital Canon A70 PowerShot. A very simple camera to use. I love it.

2. Do you store your pictures in a box, photo album or on your computer?
I have many pictures in albums, in boxes, and on my computer.

Before getting the digital camera last spring, I was the type of photographer who would occasionally take some pictures and then not develop the film for several years - or never.

Now I take pictures, load them onto my computer, get rid of everything except the good ones, upload the good ones to Picturetrail, and order prints from Picturetrail. So easy!

3. What is your favorite thing to take pictures of?
Looking at my picture collection, it's obvious that granddaughter Kimmy and my dogs are my favorite picture topics.

I also take pictures of everything I knit so I can share my finished projects with my Yahoo knitting groups. When I'm knitting for someone else, I like to take a picture of the project in process and email it to the future recipient so they can anticipate the finished article.

When I'm enjoying an event or holiday, I forget to take pictures. This past Christmas, I have one picture of granddaughter Kimmy just as she is getting ready to open her first gift. After that, I was having too much fun to think about the camera sitting there on the couch. It was a very nice Christmas and I'm not sorry I didn't see it through the camera lens.

4. What is the biggest size photo you have hanging in your home?
5x7, and it's not hanging. It's in a frame and sitting on a shelf.

5. Do you like having your picture taken?
Usually I feel neutral about it - unless I'm looking really bad, and then I duck!

I've learned that when I don't take the camera with me, I'm sorry.

The latest example of this was Monette's cataract surgery a few weeks ago. I thought about taking the camera and came to the erroneous conclusion that there was no reason to have it. They put her in the most ridiculous cap and then wrote a big "YES" over her eye with permanent marker. I so wished I had brought the camera. There will be a second chance next month when she has the other eye done. I'm charging up the batteries now.

By the way, Monette has given permission for this amusing picture to be taken.

Do you find that taking pictures enhances an event or detracts from your experience of an event?