Saturday, February 07, 2004

Ask Violet
Where Violet takes questions from recent Seasons of Violet comments, answers them, and then poses a question of her own.

Question from Carrie -
But, I thought you were much too introverted to attend a blogger convention?

As I said, I'd love to attend technical sessions and learn more about what I'm doing. I didn't mean to imply I was going to talk to anybody.

Were you thinking I was going to talk to the other bloggers?

Question from Monette -
How is Sunny doing with the dumbbells?

Picture of Sunny with the dumbbell in her mouth
Take your fingers out from under my chin so I can spit this thing out!

She is learning to pick the dumbbell up off the floor. I have to lower her head by pulling on her collar and manually put the dumbbell in her mouth. She does open her mouth by herself. She doesn't hate it as much as Pappy, but she sure doesn't like it.

Is it characteristic of the Papillon breed to not like dumbbell games?

Another question from Carrie -
Would you like to run a music festival?

No. I am in partial hibernation after a busy lifetime of going to school, working, raising children - sometimes all three at the same time. It's a wonderful, peaceful interlude before I get busy again and I'm not volunteering for anything.

What is an adjustable piano bench as mentioned in your comment? Doesn't that question disqualify me for running the festival?

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