Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Violet's Top 5 Blogger Idol Picks for Week 3
There were many excellent entries. These 5 caught my fancy. A different 5 may catch yours. A complete list of entries is here blogger_idol-1.gif.

Violet's Blogger Idol Award for Depressing Poetry goes to The Green Man. The human condition can best be communicated in poetry. The Green Man does it well.

Violet's Blogger Idol Award for an Anti-Travel Log goes to Cliff Between the Lines. I just crossed the Bahamas off the list of places I want to visit.

Violet's Blogger Idol Award for Different Point of View goes to Skywalking. A day in the life of a Pastor's Bible. Very creative.

Violet's Blogger Idol Award for Imaginative Empathy goes to Quality Control. A thoughtful example of looking at someone else and trying to imagine what their life is like. In this case it's a high school janitor.

Violet's Blogger Idol Award for Excellent Photography goes to The Village. Amanda does an interesting photo essay of her day. If you have dialup, it will take a few minutes to load. (Her February 3 post on Krispy Kremes was torture for this dieter to read, but I didn't hold it against her.)