Thursday, February 26, 2004

Violet's Top 5 Blogger Idol Posts for Week 6
Since I'm not a frequent movie viewer, most of the entries that addressed individual movies were a puzzle to me. Of the entries I read, these five caught my attention. A different five may catch yours, especially if you're a big movie fan.

Lots of good blog reading in the Blogger Idol non-competition. A complete list of entries is here: blogger_idol-1.gif

  • The Green Man. The storytelling that determines our culture is now controlled by movie studios?

  • Kristyk. Mother thought she was going to watch a movie. Ha!

  • Quantum Tea. Movies that should never be made. So glad I missed most of these.

  • Our Hangout. A very touching little short story.

  • Cliff Between the Lines. Running the Film Backwards. A look at what it's like to live with Bipolar disorder, type I, rapid cycling. Don't let this description turn you off. As usual with Cliff's writing, this is a very well written and interesting blog post. Go, enjoy, and learn.

Which one is your favorite?