Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Doggy School Update
Picture of Pappy Ignoring the Dumbbell
Are you going to torture me with that dumbbell again?

Dumbbell training is not going well. Pappy clamps his mouth shut everytime he sees it. Since he is a rescue dog with a sad past, we're not forcing him to "Take it".

Gail the trainer is kind and wise. She agrees this isn't worth the use of force. Doggy school is supposed to be fun. The latest plan is to spread soft cheese on the dumbbell and let him lick it off. The theory is that he will get comfortable opening his mouth in the presence of the dumbbell and eventually will hold the dumbbell in his mouth.

I'm to the point I don't care if he ever takes the dumbbell in his mouth, but eating cheese serves a purpose. It gives us something fun to do in class while the other dogs are jumping over the hurdle to retrieve their dumbbells.

The Perfect Gift
Everyone at doggy school is enjoying Monthly Doos, the dog poop calendar from Watch Your Step Productions (Slogans: "Everything is dootiful in its own way." and "Monthly Doos. When you care enough to give a crap."). My dogs gave Gail, their doggy school teacher, this calendar for Christmas. (Don't worry. We also gave her something nice.) The calendar now hangs on the doggy school wall and gets lots of attention.

At Monday night class there was a mini ceremony as the page was turned from January to February. Everyone crowded around to see the Valentine themed dog poop picture and oooohed and aaaahed over the picture of the dog that made the pile. Then we all laughed about how only dog people would think this was funny.

Each time Gail shows the calendar to someone new she tells them, "Marguerite said when she saw this calendar she thought of me." She seems to be very pleased about it. I'm even more pleased to have given her something she really likes. Wish all my gift selections were that successful.

Want to Know If You're Male or Female?
After I answered 50 simple questions, The Gender Test proclaimed with 86% confidence that I am a woman. If you've never done The Gender Test, give it a try. It's fun and hopefully you won't be surprised by the results.