Saturday, February 14, 2004

Ask Violet
Where Violet takes questions from recent Seasons of Violet comments, answers them, and then poses a question of her own.

Question from Carrie -
I remember watching The Beatles on television with Violet in 1964 -- any memories of that event?

No memories at all. I would have been nineteen years old. I would have guessed that I was out with a boyfriend that night and missed the whole thing.

Since you remember that I watched it, can you tell me what I thought of it? What did you think of it?

Question from Monette -
Am I alone in such oops?

(Before asking the question, Monette had described two occasions where she wrote down the wrong word and date.)

Goodness no you're not alone! I have an email magic trick where my typos don't show up until the minute I hit the SEND button. I have a blogging magic trick where my typos don't show up until after I publish my writing to the world.

It's less embarrassing when you have a good excuse. I blame my writing errors on my trifocals.

Isn't there something you can blame the oops on other than yourself?

Another question from Carrie -
What about asking for an employer who allows dogs to come to work, or who provides a dog daycare in the building?

This sounds like so much fun that I can't believe I didn't think of it first! I will add it to the list and then make sure I don't apply for a job where they do research on dogs.

That's not just a bad dream. We have at least three such research places within thirty miles of Violet Acres. I can't stand to think about it.

Back on the light side, do you think the sound of a squeaking rubber turtle will disturb my coworkers?

Question from June at What's On...Right Now? -
What's On your Valentines Day Wish List Right Now?

I had it yesterday. A wonderful homemade cream puff with chocolate syrup poured over it.

One advantage of dieting is that treats like that cream puff are rarities to be savored. It was so rich I couldn't eat all of it, so I brought the rest home to enjoy later. It's gone now. Back to the diet.

What kind of Valentine goodies are you eating?

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