Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Blogger Idol, Week 6
Blogger Idol is the brainchild of Darren at LivingRoom.

Each Sunday (Australian time) Darren announces a theme for the week. We have three days to work that theme into a blog post. We post the entry in our own blog and leave a link in Darren's blog so we can read what each other wrote.

If you want to read the other entries, the links are here. blogger_idol-1.gif

I will read as many of the entries as possible. Later in the week I will list five entries of note.

This weeks theme is ‘Movies’.

Very Personal Thoughts on Passion of The Christ
I'm always uneasy about viewing any physical portrayal of Jesus. That includes pictures, statues, and especially Jesus in the movies.

A movie representation of Christ sticks in my mind and overrides the images and impressions of Christ I have from reading the Bible.

When I worship, I don't want to be thinking of a movie scene. The Jesus in Passion of the Christ is Mel Gibson's Jesus, not my Jesus.

I've read that this movie is very memorable and intense. Is there a chance that James Caviezel, the actor who plays Jesus, will become the real Jesus for people who view it?

To see or not see Passion of The Christ is a personal decision that each Christian needs to prayerfully consider. Because of my sensitivity to movies, I will not see it.

Many people who would never consent to sit through a presentation of the gospel message will attend Passion of the Christ because it is the popular thing to do.

I pray . . .
  • God uses this movie mightily to reach those people with the story of Christ's sacrifice for our sins.
  • Those who see it are brought closer to the Lord through what they see.
  • Those who will have trouble coping with the visual violence and suffering will have the wisdom to know it and the courage to stay away.
  • People who see this movie will not visualize James Caviezel every time they open their Bibles.
  • Viewers will use the images and emotions in this movie to initiate a personal relationship with the real Jesus.