Saturday, May 08, 2004

Saturday Sum Up
The fascinating Saturday feature where I respond to comments from recent Seasons of Violet posts, and sometimes pose a question of my own.

Comment from Monette (about my bad back) -
You'll be getting a lot of good advice.
Yes, and it was all appreciated in the spirit it was given.

Please don't assume I am just suffering without medical attention. I have annual bone scans and my back is being well monitored by the medical profession. I don't like to go on about it, and I certainly don't care to make it the focus of my life.

Occasionally I get over confident and overdo. That's what I did. I'm going to try and avoid doing it again. At least not soon.

At the moment, all is well with my back. At least as well as it is going to get.

Comment from Carrie -
Please keep us posted -- I have high hopes for the bluebird offspring...
It's been cold and rainy the last few days so I haven't wanted to open the nest box and see what is going on. Or, I should say, I have wanted to open the nest box but I haven't done so because I thought it might not be good for the hatchlings.

Every indication is that things are going well. Mom is still peeking out the hole at me. Dad is flying in with food and entering the box with it. I assume he is feeding the babies.

Question from Carrie -
The outfits (for the Doo Dah Parade) sound cute...are YOU wearing a grass skirt?
Human Briarwood Beach Bums are wearing Hawaiian shirts in our choice of loud pattern along with bright green baseball hats with the Briarwood Logo on the front.

So far there has been no directive on what to wear on the lower part of our bodies. I'm leaning toward wearing jeans - not a grass skirt.

Anyone know a good online source for loud Hawaiian shirts?

Question from What's On.....Right Now??
What's On your favorite games list Right Now??
My favorite game is Spider that came with Microsoft XP. I have to limit the number of times I allow myself to play in a day or I would sit and play the day away. (How's that for a lame hobby, Carrie?)

I play on the "medium" difficulty setting where I'm able to win about 28% of the games.

Occasionally I switch to the "difficult" setting, but I've never won at that level.

Favorite game to play with Kimmy is Uno.

Favorite game to play with the dogs is "tug".

Any other good game recommendations for an eight year old?