Sunday, May 02, 2004

Hands Off the Keyboard!
Questions from Sunday Brunch.

The instructions: Slowly raise your hands and take one step back. Oh darn, then you couldn't type your entry. This week's post is about things you do when you're not at the computer. So ... I don't want to see any of your answers computer related. M'kay!?

1. Do you have any hobbies or special talents?

I'm going to stick with hobbies and not go into special talents - or lack of special talents. It seems to be my fate to do many things reasonable well but nothing with a special talent.

Back to the question.

Here are current, non-computer related hobbies that I spend more than four hours a week pursuing:
  • Knitting - Is a hobby I use to relax and produce wonderful cozy colorful socks for myself and people I love who want them.
  • Dog training - Is a hobby I started by accident. When Sunny was a puppy I had thoughts of using her as a volunteer visitation dog at nursing homes so we signed up for a basic puppy obedience class. It turned out that Sunny did not have the right temperament to be a visitation dog, but we both enjoyed doggy school so much that we've been going together almost three years now. Pappy loves it even more than Sunny, so I spend four hours a week in "Hobby Advanced" class plus the time we spend at home working on our skills.
  • Nature - Plants, birds, insects, and even reptiles and amphibians.

2. If time and money weren't limiting you, is there a hobby that you don't do now that you would want to start?
I had to reject writing several of my top answers because Digital photography and editing break the non-computer related rule.

If I was very rich, I would buy the beautiful untouched land around this area that is rapidly being turned into subdivisions and shopping areas.

3. What clubs/organizations/unions/et cetera do you belong to? (Remember it can't be computer related.)
I'm an introvert. I've learned that I'm not much of a club/organization person. The list is short.

4. Is there a hobby you think is absolutely lame and you would never do? (Except perhaps under duress.)
Yes, but I will not offend the good people who do it by saying what it is.

By definition a hobby is "a pursuit outside one's regular occupation engaged in especially for relaxation".

As long as it is legal, isn't hurting anyone, and serves the purpose of relaxation, it isn't lame no matter how lame it may seem to another person.

5. Is there a hobby you've done in the past but cannot/don't do now because of limitations or certain circumstances?
I used to be a good seamstress. I don't do it now because I don't have room in this small house for all the equipment. On occasion I'm tempted to go out and buy a sewing machine. If I wait a few hours, the urge passes. (If I really wanted to have a sewing machine, I would get one.)

I used to make stone jewelry. Then, I turned it into a business. In my experience, once a hobby becomes a business it has stress, projects, and deadlines just like any business. It is no longer relaxing and therefore, by definition, no longer a hobby.

It took almost ten years for this lesson to sink in. I had a day job to supply stress. I didn't need a hobby to supply stress. I donated everything to charity and never looked back.

If you had unlimited energy, time, and money, what hobby would you choose?