Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Picture of bluebird on nest
I've become very fond of mother bluebird.

When I walk out into the back field she peeks out the hole to see who is approaching. Then she pops back down on the nest and wishes I would go away.

When monitoring bluebird houses it's customary to knock on the house before opening it. That gives the bird a chance to fly off so the eggs can be counted.

I always know when this peeking bluebird is sitting in the nest box, so I only monitor when she's out taking a break. Hope she appreciates that.

There are still five eggs. If I've counted the days right, the eggs should be hatching tomorrow, May 6.

Picture of male oriole
New Arrival
A pair of orioles arrived from Central America yesterday. They are looking lean and hungry after their trip. Since they were expected, I had their food ready for them.

For a week or so, they will hang around the house and eat the oranges we put out.

Once they start serious egg laying and baby feeding they stay high up in the tree tops and switch to an insect diet. Then all we get to see is an occasional flash of orange.

I have oranges out on both sides of the house. This picture of the male was taken through the kitchen window.

They sing while they're eating, so it's easy to know when and where to look out and see them. What a treat. I'm so glad to be home this spring and have time to enjoy the return of the orioles.