Sunday, May 16, 2004

Head to Toe Fashion
Questions from Sunday Brunch.

1. Is your hair its natural color right now and do you wear your hair long or short?

The natural color of my hair is a reddish brown. The current color of my hair is reddish brown with about 60% gray. I'm not using hair color, so I can't figure out where all this gray is coming from . . .

I would call my hair short. It could be - and has been - much shorter.

2. Shirts: long sleeves or short?
Depends on the weather and the bugs. When it's below 70(F) degrees, I'm in long sleeves.

This is black fly season and I am one of their favorite spring meals. When I go outside, I wear long sleeves and long pants with rubber bands on the bottom even when it's hot.

For those of you fortunate enough not to know about black flies, they bite and suck blood. One of their favorite munching spots is up my pantleg right at the top of my socks. That's the reason I wear the rubber bands.

3. Do you wear a belt?
I hate wearing belts. I ignore their existence. When I get a belt as part of a new piece of clothing, I throw it out.

4. Tell me about your favorite bottom wear (pants/jeans/shorts/skirts).
Five pocket, indigo denim, 100% cotton blue jeans. My favorites are from Land's End.

I've been buying the "relaxed fit" (just a touch more ease in the hips and thighs) for years. After losing a few more pounds (38 total), I'm finding my new size 10 relaxed fit are baggy. I'm looking forward to owning a pair of size 10 "natural fit" (a comfortable, body-skimming fit) by the end of next week.

5. How many pairs of shoes do you own?
I'm not going to get up and count. I know I have shoes I never wear anymore since I became unemployed.

I'm very pragmatic when it comes to shoes. I'm guessing I have about ten pair in the closet.

The shoes I wear everyday are New Balance 810 walking shoes in black. I'm on my fifth pair with no complaints.

What's your favorite summer attire?