Friday, May 07, 2004

Picture of finished candleflame shawl for CICFarewell to the Candleflame Shawl
The CandleFlame Shawl for CIC caregivers is done, blocked, and packed in a box with four pair of socks.

It almost got sent to the CIC collection site this afternoon. I drove to Paw Paw and carried the box into the dark post office.

"Sorry we can't help you. The power is off all over town. Try bringing the package back in the morning."

Want to Knit This Pattern?
The Candleflame Shawl Pattern is available for free on the internet.

It has several critical errors in the instructions. If you want to knit it, you can contact me in the comments for the corrections identified by the CIC List.

Doo Dah 2004
The first weekend in June is the Kalamazoo Doo Dah Parade, a parade of silliness down the main streets of the city.

Last year Briarwood Dog Training marched as the "Poop Patrol". The two Advanced Hobby classes did drills and skits with dogs and pooper scoopers. Pappy hadn't made it to the advanced class yet, so only Sunny marched in the parade.

This year Briarwood is entering the Doo Dah Parade as the "Briarwood Beach Bums". Once again we're going to march with our dogs doing skits and drills along the way. The dogs are going to be wearing sun glasses along with other beach attire.

This afternoon I stopped at Bark's Fifth Avenue and bought Pappy a pair of Doggles, the sunglasses for dogs. Then I went to another pet store and bought him a tie dyed muscle shirt that says "Beach Bum" on it.

No pictures yet, but you won't be spared.

Sunny may get a pair of bright yellow Doggles and a grass skirt. She doesn't have them yet because I'm seriously thinking of just marching with Pappy. Pappy enjoys crowds and noise. Sunny doesn't. But she doesn't like to be left out, either.

What's a mother to do?