Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Picture of baby robins in nest
Baby Birds Everywhere
We have robins and robin nests everywhere.

This one is on the northeast corner of the house. The youngsters look healthy, happy, and ready to fly away.

When the young are this developed, I try to stay away from the nest. If I get too close they will get frightened and fly out onto the ground.

Picture of four day old baby bluebirds in nest
For the same reason, I won't be opening the bluebird box after Friday.

In this picture, taken yesterday, the bluebird chicks are four - five days old. All five eggs resulted in a new little bluebird.

Mom and Dad are both kept busy delivering food. Sometimes I sit about thirty feet away and watch them come and go from the box.

The kids are all looking well fed and healthy. Good job Mom and Dad!

Picture of female oriole
Equal Time for the Female
DH Bob took this nice picture of the female oriole.

The quest for a good picture even inspired him to wash the window.

Now I just need to make sure there is something interesting to photograph out all the windows. That sounds like much more fun than washing them myself.