Friday, May 21, 2004

Friday Finish
The fascinating Friday feature where I respond to comments from recent Seasons of Violet posts, and sometimes pose a question of my own.

This feature was previously published on Saturday and called Saturday Sum Up.

Question from Sparrow -
What does the slot box look like?
My March 27 post shows both nest boxes, the traditional one with the hole and the slotted.

The slotted boxes are supposed to be safer for the bluebirds because the English sparrows won't go in them. My bluebirds don't go in them either.

The English sparrows are very violent and will peck the heads off the bluebirds when the sparrows want to claim the bluebird nestbox.

Question from Sparrow -
What is the half orange propped on?
There is a little spike that sticks up at the joint and the half orange is impaled on it.

Comment from Carrie -
He (Carrie's cat) must have gotten too close to her (a mockingbird) nest at some point and she (the mockingbird) has never forgotten it!
Do birds have a memory? It seems that they do.

Every year we have hummingbirds that know right where the feeder was last year. If they arrive after their long migration and the feeder isn't out and waiting for them, they buzz the window to let us know they are here and they want a drink.

Do you have any stories of birds who remember?

Question from What's On.....Right Now??
What's On your 'I always put this off' list Right Now??
What a question! There are many possible answers, but few I want to talk about.

Here are three things I have been putting off that are going to be addressed very soon.
  • The layout for this blog. In general I like it, so don't expect any major changes. Especially no changes to hot pink or orange color schemes with flashing graphics.

    I do want to make Seasons of Violet more attractive and add a few things here and there. It will happen.

  • Exercise. I'm feeling so much more energetic now that I've lost weight, but everything I do results in sore muscles. Since I want to do more of the things I'm doing instead of less, I need to do some strength training. It's so easy to put that off.

  • Get to the greenhouse and buy some annuals to plant. I was going to do it this past week but used the rain as an excuse to put it off. The average last frost date in SW Michigan is May 15, so it's time to get them in the ground.

What's one thing that you're putting off?