Friday, May 28, 2004

Friday Finish
The fascinating Friday feature where I respond to comments from recent Seasons of Violet posts, and sometimes pose a question of my own.

Comment from Monette -
Congratulations on so well expressing your love of nature and "home".

Thanks Mom.

Unfortunately Darren who runs Blogger Idol changed servers this week and the Blogger Idol links haven't worked since I posted my entry. I wasn't able to add my entry to the list and I haven't been able to see the list of other entries. I won't be doing a Top 5 list this week unless he gets it fixed soon.

Is there anyone out there who can see the Blogger Idol links at LivingRoom?

Comment from Marsha -
I would love to live in a place like that.

Comment from Carrie -
Some of your photos look like Monet paintings!

I do love it here, but it's far from perfection. The digital camera is great for showing what I want to show and leaving out the rest.

It doesn't show the tons of oak leaves that need raking, sticks that fall endlessly from the trees, oak tree seedlings that are anchored in the ground with acorns, ants, black flies, ticks, and mosquitoes. Then there are the power outages, the moss growing on the roof, the lichens growing on the brick, and the endless assault of hornets who want to build their structures on the house.

One summer I ran over a bumblebee nest with the lawn mower. Fortunately bumblebees are stupid. They go for body heat and the lawn mower was warm. The bulk of the swarm attacked the lawn mower, which I conveniently left for them while I was running for the house. I only got stung once.

Have you ever had a nasty bee or wasp encounter?

Comment from Jan in Sydney Australia -
Send us some rain please.

Comment from Carrie in North Carolina -
I'm with Jan, please send rain.

What I'd really like to do is save some of the rain for later in the summer when I know it will be very dry here and we will be wishing for it.

Today the sun is shining and it's not raining. I've been out working in the yard and enjoying the beautiful weather. DH Bob mowed the paths out back. By the time the next thunderstorm arrives we will be happy to have a reason to sit indoors. The yard work never ends here, especially in the wet spring when the weeds grow faster than the desired plants.

Hope everyone else gets the rain they need soon.

Question from What's On.....Right Now??
What's On your 'favorite summertime snacks' list Right Now??
My favorite summertime snack happens in June when the strawberries ripen in Michigan. Fresh Michigan strawberries over Bisquick shortcake biscuits. The strawberries are mashed up so that the juice soaks into the biscuits and the result is heavenly.

Last spring I did not make strawberry shortcake. It was just too much to ask of my diet. This year I will make it, count the points, and eat it with enthusiasm. I can hardly wait and strawberry time is almost here.

What's your favorite summer treat?