Sunday, May 23, 2004

My Favorite Things
Questions from Sunday Brunch.

1. What is your favorite color?

Favorite color for what? It depends. My favorite color is purple violet, the exact color and intensity of the violets that bloom in the side yard in the spring.

Would I want the whole world to be that color? No, it would be awful.

Would I want a car that color? No, I don't think so.

Do I wear purple clothing? I have some, but not an excessive amount. Purple clothing could never have the same color quality as the living purple in the violets.

Am I too analytical to deal with questions like this? Yes, I think so.
2. What is your favorite piece of clothing?
My five pocket denim jeans.

Oh how I love it that I can wear jeans everyday now that I'm unemployed. I hook my pedometer on that little fifth pocket in the morning and I'm ready for the world. Or at least my little corner of the world.
3. Where is your favorite place to eat out?
Here's another question with dozens of answers. I've worked hard to change my habits and demote eating to an unimportant part of my life. I've lost over thirty-five pounds and eating is no longer one of my great pleasures.

Hum. I still haven't answered the question, have I?

When I can't stand one more low fat meal and I want to give myself a fast food treat, I pick up a nacho supreme from Taco Bell and enjoy every last molecule of it. 10 points. Yum.
4. What is your favorite meal?
Assuming I could actually eat all this, which I can't, my favorite meal would be standing rib roast (pink in the middle), mashed potatoes, hot homemade bread to sop up the meat juice, corn on the cob smeared with butter, and cream bulee for dessert.

Did I forget to mention the wonderful salad? No, I didn't forget. There isn't any.
5. What is your favorite sport or recreational game?
Everything is relative. If there aren't any sports I like, can I still have a favorite of those I don't care about?

My favorite sport to watch is track and field. I used to follow it very closely and knew all the names. I haven't kept up with it and I don't know the current competitors.

I am completely, one-hundred percent unathletic. If I had to play a recreational game, I would pick croquet. Does anyone ever play croquet anymore?
What is your favorite fantasy meal?