Saturday, January 31, 2004

Ask Violet
The new feature where Violet takes questions from recent Seasons of Violet comments, answers them, and then poses a question of her own.

- From KeLee -
My question is this... do introverts always hook up with extroverts?

Since I'm an introvert married to an introvert, I can answer this with authority. No.

On any given day one of us is talking the other out of going somewhere. There are always good reasons to stay home. I'm an expert at giving them. If you need one, just ask me.

When an introvert marries an extrovert, does the introvert get dragged places they would prefer not to go?

- From Monette -
Plenty of provisions, a stack of good books, blogs to read, and email: how lucky can we get? Bring on the blizzard!
We are very lucky - as long as the power stays on.

There's plenty of snow now. Can we skip the blizzard? Please?

- From Carrie -
I have wondered if there is ever a "Blogger Convention" when you guys have the chance to meet one another.
A "Blogger Convention" sounds like fun. If there isn't such a thing, there should be. I'd love to attend technical sessions and learn more about what I'm doing.

How about holding it at the Coeur d'Alene Resort where son John works?

- Another From KeLee -
It also makes me wonder if people have more than one blog, each one for a different purpose?
Definitely. Blogging seems to be habit forming for some people, myself included.

I've been thinking about starting an online Bible study weblog. It would be very informal. Reading and praying and then sharing how the Lord spoke to us through His Word.

Does anyone know of a Bible study weblog similar to what I described?

Leave your questions and/or answers in the comments.