Thursday, January 29, 2004

Violet's Top 5 Blogger Idol Posts for Week 2
The religious faith of the Blogger Idol entrants showed itself strong in many of this week's entries on the topic of "Freedom". Contrary to what it may seem to others, Christians find great freedom in their faith.

Those of my readers who are not Christian may be challenged to understand Silent Tribute, Clarity Amidst Chaos, and Thinking, Just Thinking. All three are excellent reads. Story telling written from the heart. Please don't dismiss them because they are testimonies to a Christian faith.

Violet's Blogger Idol Award for Excellence goes to Silent Tribute. The gospel according to J3zz1kah.

Violet's Blogger Idol Award for Creative Expression goes to Cliff Between the Lines. A poetic entry on embracing our chains. Everything I tried to say in my entry, but Cliff said it much better.

Violet's Blogger Idol Award for an Everyday Example of What Freedom Means goes to Clarity Amidst Chaos. Bryan writes about freedom in the bondage of love.

Violet's Blogger Idol Wet Kleenex Award (this is a good thing) goes to Thinking, Just Thinking. Shawna writes a very personal account of how she found freedom from sin.

Violet's Blogger Idol Award for Humor goes to Jaded Angel. A picture essay of people who abused their freedom to dress however they please. If you have dialup, it will take a few minutes to load. It's worth it.

There were many excellent entries and the selection was difficult. Check out this link for a complete list of entries. blogger_idol-1.gif

Special Extra Award
I never really warmed up to the topic of "Freedom". It was just too much like a high school writing assignment. (Wouldn't you think after forty years I'd be over that?) It appears Hamo felt the same way, only he asserted his freedom and acted on his feelings.

Violet's Blogger Idol Bad Boy Award goes to Hamo. Hope this award doesn't encourage him to continue in his untoward ways.