Wednesday, January 07, 2004

It is Finally Going to Happen
Tomorrow is the big day that I've been waiting on for a year and a half. I'm getting severed from Pfizer at an official meeting with HR in the morning at 8:00.

The sky is clear, the moon and stars are shining, so I'm hoping the twenty mile drive to the meeting is on clear roads and problem free.

Last week I received my "invitation" memo from HR listing the date, the building, the room, and the time. In very big bold letters, all caps, it says, "THIS MEETING IS MANDATORY". Everytime I see it I chuckle to myself imagining someone who didn't want to get severed deciding to just skip the meeting.

I know from watching other people go to "the meeting" that it is short. Only the people asking questions will keep us there longer than a half hour. As we walk in we get handed a packet containing individualized information on:

  • Final pay, severance pay, vacation pay, and any other payments due.
  • Medical benefits, pension.
  • Outplacement benefits.
  • Retiree benefits for eligible employees. (That's me!)
After this meeting is dismissed, I need to go to the building where I used to work and turn in my badge and parking stickers to my local manager. Then it's over. I leave the company and I can't get back in.

After nine days at home, I'm ready to smile about this. It's quickly becoming a wonderful new habit to wake up in the morning and not go to work. I'm planning on liking my new life a whole lot.

Red Opal Crocodile Socks are Done
In fact, I'm going to wear them to my severance meeting tomorrow. Thanks again for the yarn, John and Anne. They were fun to knit and they're going to be fun to wear as well as warm and comfortable.

Picture of finished red Opal Crocodile socks