Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Introverts Explained
Living Room mentioned an interesting article Marketing to Introverts. I am an introvert. This article describes me perfectly.

Here are the ten main introvert characteristics to consider. The comments after each point are my personal feelings.

If this piques your interest, I highly recommend reading the original article. It's short, fascinating, and oh so true. When you're done reading it, you will understand introverts much better. If you're an introvert, you may understand yourself better, too.

  1. Introverts are territorial. This includes their personal space. Yes! There's never been a time in my life (thank you mom) when I didn't have my own private space and I value it highly.

  2. Introverts love to read. Yes! This goes for more than just books. I love reading other people's blogs and could spend the whole day, everyday, on the internet. Fortunately, I know that this behavior is not good for me (or anyone else) and I limit my reading time and my internet time. Even so, my limits are very generous.

  3. Introverts, despite appearances, are not shy and they are frequently not braindead just because they don't say anything while you are talking to them. An interesting distinction between being an introvert and being shy. I am a very quiet person, especially in a group situation. I am not shy. When I have something to say, I'm perfectly capable of saying it.

  4. Introverts are not impressed by personality. That's for sure. And if the "personality" has anything fake about it, I am offended by it and can't get away fast enough.

  5. The assumptions, guiding principles, underlying beliefs and expectations of introverts are so different from the extroverted majority that you may not even realize you have a bad map to the territory. Yes! Once people get to know me, they are surprised by the way I really am. I tend to keep it hidden from the casual observer.

  6. Introverts hate being rushed. I like to be sure I know what is supposed to happen, when it is supposed to happen, and how it is supposed to happen. However when the unexpected happens I am able to handle it. I am very concerned about volunteering for something or purchasing something I will regret later.

  7. Introverts are greatly afraid of making mistakes in public and of humiliation in public during a learning period. "Greatly afraid" is too strong. I am uncomfortable going through an awkward learning period with people watching. I want to go off and practice a new skill in private. I hate situations where I have to read out loud to people. As a student, I was almost incapable of doing math problems on the blackboard even though I've always excelled in math.

  8. Introverts hate small talk. Yes! I am very bad at making small talk. I especially hate small talk with someone who is trying to sell me something.

  9. Introverts hate phones and especially cell phones. Yes! I don't enjoy talking on the phone. In our house the answering machine answers all the calls and we pick up if it's someone we want/need to talk with. I have a cell phone for emergencies. Never use it for casual chatting. In fact, I don't leave it turned on unless there is a very good reason to do so.

  10. Introverts say what they mean. Why would anyone do otherwise?
Are you an introvert?