Saturday, January 24, 2004

Mom's Purple Opal Lollipop Socks are Done
Picture of Mom's purple Opal Lollipop socks.

I cast on a pair of purple Lollipops for myself last night. Hope to sneak them into the sock knitting rotation while I'm waiting for daughter Heather's yellow Opal Magic yarn to arrive in the mail.

My current knitting projects are all very simple and quick, and I'm happy with that for now. There is one CIC vest ready to bind off and one more to knit for a total of five. I will be sending them in next week to count toward the CIC Vest Challenge. It looks like we are going to have over a hundred warm vests to deliver to the Eastern Europe orphans. Just a drop in the bucket, but at least a hundred plus children will be warmer.

Changes to Sidebar
You may have noticed I took away the blog categories under Violet Reads. It was getting difficult to classify the blogs I read into one category. Afterall, it is possible for a knitter to also be an intelligent Christian.

Violet is Trying to Fly
Flylady is a new addition to the Seasons of Violet sidebar. It is an online resource for those of us who need a housekeeping coach because we get easily sidetracked when doing routine, boring tasks.

The Flylady solution is to pick one task, set the timer for 15 minutes, and do only that task until the timer dings. One of her most helpful sayings is, "You can do anything for 15 minutes."

Flylady has strict rules about keeping your sink clean, wearing shoes, eliminating clutter, loving yourself, taking baby steps toward change, and establishing routines. I'm finding her help and encouragement to be just what I need. The internet is so wonderful.

The Expanding Blogosphere
This from the Blogger newsletter I received yesterday.

"Since being acquired by Google, Inc., Blogger's user base has nearly doubled. We hooked up this ambient orb at the office that somehow knows how many new blogs have been created in the last hour and changes color accordingly. Right now it's red, which means three hundred new Blogger blogs have been created in the last hour. Crazy."
Blogging is like adopting a pet. It requires time, commitment, consistency, and love.

How many of these new blogs will last a year?