Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Violet's Thoughts on
It was fun. It was fun to get assigned a topic, write a post, and then read what everyone else wrote. And I did read all of them.

Our next suggested Blogger Idol task is to pick out our five favorites and link to them in our blog. I selected posts where the blogger opened up their heart and wrote about personal experience. Here are my picks.

Violet's 5 Favorite Blogger Idol Posts
Cliff at Cliff Between the Lines wrote two very well written entries. His first entry about an important decision to deny temptation is excellent. His second entry about being very young and naive and finding himself living in a male boardinghouse in the middle of the gay area of Washington DC is hysterical.

Marsha at On a Quest for Joy wrote a heartbreaking account of how she worked through the Eighties and felt she wasn't a good mother to her children. I have some of the same regrets.

Craig at Avoiding Evil writes about a horrible childhood. I could hardly stand the pain of reading it. Very well written, though, and deserves to be on my list.

Megan at Welcome to My World didn't seem to have anything or anyone to help her grow up in the Eighties, but she managed to do a fine job of it anyway. The Lord was certainly watching over her.

Hamo at Backyard Missionary writes about what he hopes to be like when he is in his 80s. Very inspiring to me as I enter my "after work" years. Hamo doesn't want to retire from life, and neither do I.