Thursday, July 08, 2004

Question from What's On.....Right Now??

What's On your 'fun things planned for the near future' Right Now??
Tomorrow I'm picking up granddaughter Kimmy and her friend Paul for a day at Full Blast.

Full Blast has an indoor water park with two, 100-foot waterslides, zero-depth entry pool, water play features, lazy river, and jet spa. Even more fun, it has an outdoor water park with two, 200-foot waterslides, zero-depth entry pool and water playground.

This is a special treat to celebrate the finishing of third grade.

We've done it after every school year so I know what to expect.

I picked up an easy read at the library today for my day at poolside. The kids are old enough now so all I need to do is sit, read, and occasionally shell out some money.

I'm looking forward to watching them have a blast.