Sunday, July 25, 2004

Goin' On Vacation
Questions from Sunday Brunch.

1. What is your favorite mode of transportation when traveling?

Private jet.

Have I ever traveled in a private jet? Well, actually I did once. When I worked for Kellogg I got to take the corporate jet to the East Coast.

It was wonderful. We went directly to the hanger, hopped on, and took off. None of the hassles of commercial flying. And, since the jet was used mostly by the top executives, it was very plush, roomy, and comfortable.

2. If you had the means to travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?
Israel. Where Jesus was born, lived, taught, died, and rose again.

I need the nerve more than the means. I'm not very brave about traveling in these violent times, and it doesn't get more violent than the things that happen in Israel.

3. Have you ever been to another country?
Does Canada count? If not, the answer is "no".

4. If time were not an issue, how long could you stand to be away from home?
If I had Bob and the dogs with me, I could stand to be away from home for several months.

Without Bob and dogs, I wouldn't want to be gone more than a week at most.

5. What is the funnest or most interesting trip you've taken?
The trip to Las Vegas in 1999 for son John's wedding to Anne was very memorable.

John's dad and I had been divorced for 25 years, and now the two families were coming to together for a very special occasion. I mentally practiced being polite ahead of time and promised myself that no matter what happened I would stay cordial.

It turned out much better than I imagined it could. My ex inlaws were very nice. My ex mother-in-law even gave me a hug when we met at the hotel. My ex sister-in-law gave us a tour of the strip. My ex husband and I had a memorable conversation about the wonderful son we produced and how much we approved of his bride.

I'm sure it was our love for John that had us all getting along. And what better reason to behave ourselves?

Did you go or are you going anywhere on vacation this summer?