Sunday, July 18, 2004

Male Cardinal Update
There is a male cardinal and he is helping the female tend the little ones. He brings food and sometimes he even sits on the nest to help keep the little naked hatchlings warm.

It's All About Me
Questions from Sunday Brunch.

1. Do you or should you wear glasses or contact lenses?
I'm very near sighted and have worn glasses since I was ten.

2. What is your favorite type of footwear?
New Balance walking shoes. I have flat feet and really need the cushioning and support. They go on my feet in the morning and come off as I'm climbing into bed.

3. What is your worst habit?
I have no idea. It's not that I don't have any bad habits, it's just that I'm unable to place a ranking on the wide range of possibilities.

I could ask DH Bob who's sitting in the same room with me, but I like to think that he thinks I'm perfect. Why ruin a perfectly beautiful summer evening with a question like that?

Actually, I know what his answer would be: "Oh ah, oh ah . .". After almost twenty nine years of marriage, he knows better than to answer a question like that. He's a very smart man.

4. Are you an average, so-so or very good cook?
Better than so-so, but not in the very good category. I'm a good cook. A few things I make are fantastic, but they're other people's recipes. Does that count?

5. Do you spend more time watching television, listening to music or surfing the internet?
Surfing the internet.

Anybody have any good websites I should go visit?