Friday, July 30, 2004

In the Clover

Two four leaf cloversLucky Clovers
Found these lucky four leaf clovers a few weeks ago but still wasn't expecting the good fortune that came my way when I learned that son John and daughter-in-law Anne are coming to visit the middle of August.

John is coming back to Michigan from Idaho for his sixteen year class reunion at Battle Creek Central. His class is doing reunions in nontraditional years as explained by John on his blog.

The whole family is looking forward to this visit. I'm sure I'll be writing more about it as it unfolds.

Rabbits foot cloverRabbit Foot Clover
One of my favorite plants is the inconspicuous Rabbit Foot Clover that grows sparsely in the back field.

The flowers are grayish with a pink tinge. They are wonderfully soft and fluffy feeling.

When I Googled Rabbit Foot Clover in the hope of finding something interesting to relate about it, I found these pictures which give a much better feel for the beauty of the little plant.

It's a European import, not a native plant. There's nothing impressive about it. I don't think it is the host plant for any moths or butterflies. It appears to have no medicinal uses. It's not very showy. I just like it.

Finished cloverleaf socks in a bed of cloverCloverleaf Socks
Got them done! These are my Cloverleaf socks, the first socks in the Six Sock Knitalong.

They were knit with Canadian Sock Yarn, a worsted weight 80% wool 20% nylon from Halcyon in color Bluejean, a very rich blue.

36 stitches around were knit with 2 circulars, US #5.

The lace pattern has three holes positioned like the three leaves of a clover. If I hadn't of been in such a rush to start and finish these, I would have liked to make them green - like a cloverleaf. But the yarn I had in my stash was blue, so blue they are.

The double decrease in worsted weight yarn made the pattern too lumpy to be worn in a shoe, so I didn't carry the cloverleaf down the instep. I did continue the ribbing down to the toe.

Great fun knitting these. I joined the knitalong late so I was playing beat the calendar to get them done by the deadline.

The August/September knitalong socks, Making Waves are barely started. I'm looking forward to knitting them at a more leisurely pace.

Any clovers in your life lately?