Saturday, July 24, 2004

Knitalong Sock Status

Cloverleaf socks in processA quick update on the socks that I'm trying to knit quick.

Both cuffs are done, one heel is turned, the other heel is ready to be turned. I am confident that I'm going to get them done by the deadline.

These are going to be great warm socks to wear with my jeans this coming winter.

Cardinal Fledgling Status
Bob says he saw the male Cardinal feeding the junior cardinal in a bush. I'm sorry I didn't get to see that.

The kids have left the nest and are learning the ways of the world now.

Bluebird Fledgling Status
The nest is empty. I believe four out of the five fledged. One died, I'm not sure how. The parents dumped its poor little dead body out of the box.

On one of my walks I saw the dead bird hanging half way out of the nest box hole, so I must have interrupted the clean up process. I was scared that the entire nest had been corrupted, but when I went back later all was well with the remaining four and the corpse was gone. Pappy found it later - a long way from the nest box.

Leave it to a dog to find the grossest thing in the field.