Friday, July 23, 2004

Knit Quick
People on my sock lists have been talking about the Six Sock Knitalong, so I finally checked it out and joined. (Very cute dog/cat picture if you click on this link.)

A knitalong is where a group of people get together in cyberland and knit their own variations on the same knitting pattern during a set time period.

All the knitalongs I've observed have used Yahoo Groups to stay in touch. That means there is daily chatter on what everyone is doing, how they are doing it, helpful hints, a few nonhelpful hints, and new cyber knitting friends to meet.

The best fun part is the pictures. All the knitters post pictures to the Yahoo group. We get to admire each other's socks in progress and finished.

The Six Sock Knitalong is going to do six challenging socks over a year. Two months for each sock. They are giving out prizes for each sock and a prize at the end to someone who has completed all six socks by their finish date.

It appears the prizes are yarn. Knitters with more yarn than they can knit in a lifetime get excited about winning more yarn. I can't explain it.

The finish date for the first pair is July 31. I joined yesterday. There is going to be some serious knitting around here to get done in time.

The first pattern to knit is Cloverleaf Eyelet Rib Socks. I'm knitting the 36 stitch child's version using a worsted weight sock yarn. When I started knitting it this morning, I thought the finished socks would be going to CIC. I'm delighted to find that the lace pattern is very loose and the socks are going to fit me.

Are any Seasons of Violet readers doing this knitalong?