Saturday, July 03, 2004

Bird Report

Four day old bluebird hatchlings Four Days Old
All five bluebird eggs hatched on Tuesday. The little ones are keeping their parents busy bringing food to the nest.

When they're this little, they don't know enough to be afraid when I open the nest box. They just open their mouths and hope that I'm going to feed them.

Tree swallow fledglings Tree Swallows Learning to Fly
There is an electric line running diagonally across the field. Many of the fledglings end up sitting on it while learning the basics of life outside the nest.

When I went out yesterday morning, I got dive bombed by the swallows even though I wasn't anywhere near their nest box. When I looked up there were three of the young swallows on the power line.

Mom and Dad were watching them very closely. Any bird that got near them was chased away. In their spare time, the parents were bringing food and feeding their kids. I'm sure that food gathering is on the lesson schedule, too.