Friday, July 16, 2004

Cardinal Success
Cardinal nest tucked in bushNot very far from our side door - the door we use all the time - a cardinal built her nest in a large Rose of Sharon bush.

The nest is about six feet from the ground.

I spotted the nest a few weeks ago and wondered if the female would stay there with all the human and canine activity nearby.

Cardinal nest with two eggsThere doesn't seem to be a male cardinal around. Male involvement varies between bird species, so maybe that's typical for cardinals. I'd hate to think something happened to him.

This is the first time I've observed a cardinal nest.

According to my reading, there are usually three to five eggs in a cardinal nest. As you can see, this one only has two. Maybe that's a good thing if mom cardinal has to do all the food gathering herself.

Cardinal hatchlings in nestNot sure if they hatched today or yesterday, but here they are! Funny, fuzzy, hungry cardinal hatchlings.

I can't see into the nest without standing on something. And, even then I can't see what's in the nest without bringing the side down with my finger. That's why my hand is always in the bird nest pictures.