Wednesday, July 14, 2004

New Links on Sidebar
City Birder
Rob writes about red-tailed hawks and other wildlife observations around Brooklyn and NYC. The pictures on this blog are some of the best bird photography I've ever enjoyed.

View From the Porch Swing
Stacy writes a nice friendly bog about her daily life and thoughts.

Go Ahead: Read My Mind
Melodee writes about her life as a preacher's wife and mother of four. Very upbeat and humorous.

Usually I wait a few months before putting a new blog on my sidebar. I found this blog such fun to read that I read her old posts and then decided to wave the waiting period.

Tah's Blog
This is my son John's new blog. He doesn't have to go through a waiting period because he's got pull on Seasons of Violet.

For those of you who like movies, he's written a thorough review of King Arthur.

What's your favorite blog other than Seasons of Violet?