Friday, April 02, 2004

Top 5 Blogger Idol Posts for Week 11
For my Top 5 List this week I selected entries that tickled my funny bone. Each one is a different type of humor. Several have serious lessons woven in with the laughs. They're all worth a read.

A different five may speak to you. A complete list of entries is here: blogger_idol-1.gif

  • \_Cliff Between the Lines_/. The Important Questions.
    Funny and sobering. Very entertaining, too. Don't miss it.

  • Spare Change. Sung to the tune of There She Is....
    Bryan answered all the questions, linking common humorous themes as he went along. He says he spent way to much time on this. I'm glad he did.

  • Silent Tribute. We Will Assimilate You ...
    Jess gets a little serious, but it's all done in fun. I'm guessing she won't be entering any beauty pageants soon. Excellent entry.

  • Codswallop and Flapdoodle. Blogger Page Ant.
    Downright silly. Giggle, giggle.

  • November 31st. Here she is...
    An insight into the workings of the Fleet Home Medical Products Miss USA Pageant. It's not bathroom humor. Very funny.

Which one is your favorite?