Saturday, April 17, 2004

Saturday Sum Up
There were many interesting comments this week, even some from people who have never commented before. Thank you for leaving a message. I love to get comments and to know you were here.

I picked Granddaughter Kimmy up after school on Friday and we had a great time together. Friday evening we went swimming. The weather was so beautiful that we ate dinner outdoors at Taco Bell. Then we went to bed and yacked for on hour before she finally fell asleep.

Today we made chocolate chip cookies, wove potholders, took walks, played with the dogs, ate lunch at McDonald's, and went to a movie, Ella Enchanted. We were going to go out to dinner after the movie, but we were so full of popcorn neither of us wanted to eat another thing.

We were both a little disappointed that the bluebird house tenants haven't laid an egg in their new nest yet. Maybe it will happen next week.

I'm tired but happy. My Granddaughter is a very special young lady and I love spending time with her.

Question from What's On.....Right Now??
What's On Your Feet Right Now??

Picture of my feet with hand knit socks on them
I almost always wear my lace up shoes, but tonight I'm down to my socks.

These are some old handknit socks made from Socka cotton in a ribbon and bows ribbing pattern. Very comfy.

What do you wear on your feet around the house after a busy day?