Monday, April 12, 2004

Nagging Primroses (Rake me! Rake me!)

Picture of primroses poking up through the oak leaves
These primroses are in an area I obviously haven't reached yet in the seemingly endless spring oak leaf clean up. They poke through the oak leaves that most of the other plants find impenetrable. There isn't much color in the yard yet, so they are very obvious with their bright blossoms.

I have to remind myself to stick to the raking plan and not run over to rake the primrose patch. There are other, more delicate plants under oak leaves that need to be cleaned out first.

Wouldn't it be fun, though, to rake in a spot where something so pretty is already blooming?

Nagging Knitting (Work on me! Work on me!)

Picture of Opal Lollipop little shell socks in process
I've decided to skip the Broadripple knitalong. The time isn't right. I don't have the right yarn, I don't love the pattern, and I have other knitting projects on the brain. Maybe someday I'll try another knitalong, but not now.

This weekend I started a pair of blue Opal Lollipops for Mom. The cuff is a shell lace ribbing and they're turning out to be very pretty. I knit a lot this weekend and both cuffs are more than half done.

I'm also working on the April pair of CIC socks and a short sleeve cotton blend sweater for myself.

That's more knitting projects than I like to have going at once. When I have more than two things on the needles, they all start screaming at me for attention and I end up not being able to relax and enjoy what I'm working on.

We won't talk about the Candle Flame Shawl that needs the ends woven in (ugh) and needs to be blocked. It's sitting in the bedroom sending nagging thoughts my way because I started three new projects instead of doing the last few things necessary to get it done.

Is it better to be disciplined with hobby projects or to relax and go with the flow?