Saturday, April 24, 2004

Saturday Sum Up
The fascinating Saturday feature where I respond to comments from recent Seasons of Violet posts, and sometimes pose a question of my own.

Comment from Leslie -
You are NOT a Nature Nerd, but, rather, an Environmental Enthusiast!

Humm. Environmental Enthusiast does sound more politically correct than Nature Nerd.

If I'm an Environmental Enthusiast does that mean I have to vote for Ralph Nadar?

Comment from Carrie -
I have often thought that the concepts "North, South, East, West" were made-up by those in power in an effort to confuse people like me into thinking there were such actual directions.

Carrie is my youngest sister. We share the lack of a directional gene.

We have a middle sister who claims she is even incapable of handling left and right. I believe her.

In order to do field work, I'm trying to compensate for this directional handicap by using logic, a compass, and lots of muttering to myself.

Any helpful hints from the audience?

Comment from Monette -
I would always prefer to wear a pair of the Marguerite socks around the apartment, but I don't want to wear them out!

Wear them! They won't wear out. There are some of my earlier sock knitting efforts that I've been trying to wear out for several years now. They appear to be indestructable.

I would much rather hear that someone wore out a pair of my socks than to hear that someone is saving them for what? Please wear them!

And, if you do manage to wear out a pair of socks I'll be more than happy to knit more.

Your blue Opal Lollipop socks are almost done. What color do you want the next pair to be?

Question from What's On.....Right Now??
What's On your keychain Right Now??

Picture of Weight Watcher key chain
A 10.

You have to know that it's a 10 because it's not obvious. The fat solid oval is the one and the circle part is the zero.

This keychain is the Weight Watchers award for losing ten percent of my starting weight. I ended up losing twenty percent of my starting weight.

I'm happily maintaining the thirty-five pounds lost last year in Weight Watchers. I feel so much better I don't ever want any of it back again.

What's on your keychain?