Thursday, December 25, 2003

These Are a Few of My Favorite Gifts
We have our family get-together on Christmas Eve. Christmas Day is a wonderful peaceful day to sit at home, read the new books, knit the new yarn, eat the goodies, and watch it snow without having to drive on the bad roads. And also spend some time updating Seasons of Violet, of course!

This year we attempted to cut back on the amount of money spent and I think we were somewhat successful. It still resulted in multiple gifts from most people, but they were less expensive, excellent and thoughtful gifts. Here are my favorites.

Picture of Christmas Gifts

Favorite from Mother - The DaVinci Code. I've read about the book but I haven't read the book. I'm looking forward to doing that.

Favorite from Daughter Heather - A wonderful pink cozy flannel nightgown. I wore it last night. It fits perfectly and it's going to be even softer and more snuggle after it gets washed.

Favorite from Son John and Daughter-in-law Anne - Yarn! Some gorgeous Opal red crocodile for socks and some green wool for CIC socks. A knitter never has too much yarn and this yarn goes right to the top of the knitting list.

Favorite from Granddaughter Kimmy - A very pretty blue and silver pin that says "Grandma" and has dangles that say "Big Hugs" and "Love". I don't usually wear pins, but I will wear this one. It's a special thought from someone very special.

Favorite from Sister Carrie - A tin of Flavigny Violet Pastilles. The tin is beautiful and the candy is amazing. It actually tastes like wild violets smell. Carrie is a genius at finding unique and special gifts. This year I think she outdid herself.

Honorable Mention - Inspired by the Making Mr. Hershey post on November 16, both Sister/Aunt Carrie and Son/Uncle John sent a craft project for Kimmy and Grandma to do. Carrie sent a Creativity for Kids kit to make four Enchanted Garden Stones. John sent a Kid's Day Barn Bird Feeder Kit to assemble and paint. I took both kits home with me. Kimmy and I are going to enjoy them.

DH Bob and I did super practical gift giving this year. He bought me sunflower seeds and I bought him computer memory. Flylady would be proud of us for buying non-clutter.

What was your favorite Christmas gift?