Thursday, December 11, 2003

Down and Out With the Flu
What I thought was going to be a busy week turned into a "stop everything and go to bed" week.

Tuesday evening I was feeling great. I even did some Christmas shopping after work. Then about eight pm the giant chill struck and I spent the rest of the evening under the covers shaking. Yes, I did have a flu shot in October. Maybe it would have been worse without the flu shot? It was certainly an unexpected and unpleasant surprise.

Wednesday I slept most of the day. Occasionally I would wake up and drink some water and then drift back to sleep. What fun is it to call in sick when you don't even have the energy to read? My brain wouldn't work. Finding the bathroom was the most complex activity I was capable of producing.

Today the virus has moved on to the upper respiratory phase. My two lofty goals for the day are to eventually eat something other than crackers and to take a shower. Those two items weren't on my original todo list. Life has been reduced to the "just try and live through this" level.

If I Could Breathe, I Would Laugh at These
If you enjoy Ugly Wedding Dress of the Day, check out the fourth dress in the December 10 entry. Do they actually sell these dresses? Is there anyone in the whole world with bad enough taste to wear that thing?

When Knitting Was a Manly Art is also full of great cat pictures. The December 10 cat picture is very funny and cute. Always pragmatic, I'm trying to imagine what that cat smelled like after the "helmet" came off.