Sunday, December 28, 2003

My Crocs Don't Croc
Red Croc cuffs are done

If you knit Opal Crocodile yarn with the right number of stitches around and the right number of stitches per inch, it will make a pattern that looks like crocodile skin. See picture here.

This is the fourth pair of Crocodile socks I've knit, and none of them has made the crocodile pattern. That's fine with me. I like the type of pattern I get better than the crocodile look anyway.

These socks were just started on Friday evening. Usually I don't make such quick progress, but this has been a wonderful, leisurely weekend with lots of knitting time. Also, this is a very basic pattern and goes quickly. I've learned from experience that any complex stitch pattern is wasted when knitting Crocodile. The stitch pattern doesn't show because of the yarn color pattern, and the yarn color pattern is disturbed because of the stitch pattern.

Lots of Lasts
Two more days to be employed. Tomorrow is the last time I have to go back to the office after a lovely, relaxing time off. Tomorrow is the last time I buy lunch in the company cafeteria.

Tuesday is the last time my alarm needs to go off at six am. (Probably not true, but it sure is a pleasant thought.) Tuesday is the last time I sign on my work laptop. Tuesday is the last time I sit in my office. Tuesday I leave the building where I work for the very last time - except for a brief visit on January 8 to turn in my badge and my parking stickers. My office may be torn down by then.

My office is almost completely empty now. All my personal things have been brought home. There are still a few things on the walls, but nothing I'm going to keep. When I leave work Tuesday everything still in my office is going into the wastebasket.

It's so surreal that I'm almost numb to it. I know what needs to be done and I'm doing it, but it feels like I'm having a very strange dream. I think it's a dream with a happy ending, though. I'm not sad about it anymore. I'm just very curious about what the ending will be.