Saturday, December 27, 2003

Opal Inspiration Christmas Gift Socks

Picture of Christmas Gift Socks
From left to right:

  • Opal inspiration 5022 knit for Mom
  • Opal Inspiration 5025 knit for granddaughter Kimmy
  • Opal Inspiration 5023 knit for daughter Heather

These socks were fun to do. I started with a solid color band on top. Then, everytime I came to another solid color band in the yarn I did a four row eyelet pattern to make the socks lacy and feminine.

The bands in the ankle area do not have the eyelets. I learned in a previous project that eyelets in the ankle area make baggy ankles. Skipping the ankle also solves the problem of the stripe before the gusset decreases that is too thin for the eyelets.

On the foot, the eyelets are only across the inseam and not in the sole.

Here's a better detail picture of the eyelet pattern.
Detail of Eyelet Pattern
Four row eyelet pattern (multiple of three stitches)

P K2tog YO
P K2
P YO slip-knit-psso
P K2

I'm thinking I need a pair of Opal Inspiration Eyelet socks for myself now. The problem is that I don't need any more yarn.

Oh, silly me. knitters always need more yarn. Matter of fact, I need to order some of that new Opal Hand Painted Yarn. I was hoping that the Hand Painted would knit up into ugly splotches of color so I wouldn't want it. Instead I see that it knits up into a beautiful blend of the colors. I'm not going to be able to resist it. It's just a matter of which colorway to select. Or maybe I need want two or three colorways.

On the needles now is some Opal Red Crocodile I that I got for Christmas from son John and wife Anne. Have about an inch and a half of the cuff done on the first sock. They're turning out gorgeous like Opal always does. Thank you John and Anne. Picture soon.

What are you doing for selfish fun during your Christmas break?